Comparative Billing Reports

CBR201803 Sample CBR

A Sample CBR for CBR201803 has been created for a mock supplier (NPI 1111111111) and contains mock (deidentified) data for reference purposes. The data compares the fabricated billing practices for Spinal Orthoses Suppliers compared to regional and national averages. The Sample CBR presents the language contained in all the CBRs from the CBR201803 release and gives suppliers who have not received a CBR the opportunity to read the CBR content, see the references provided in text, review the statistical methodology, and look at the data sample presented. 

Note: The data included on this page is intended for educational and reference purposes only, and is not available for redistribution. Please refer all individuals to the CBR website or the CBR Support Help Desk for more information.

A PDF file containing the Sample CBR can be opened via the below link: